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After many years as a Maritime Officer and Captain, Arnon Kuris decided that it's time to take his inquired experience at sea ashore, by knowing the vessel's and owner's needs, Arnon established the Agency in 1994, Naming it Blue Ark Shipping LTD. using the color Blue that symbolize the family love for the sea and incorporating the initials of his name, making this a first step to build a family, not only by blood, but also with our clients & friends. 

Since 1994, We have been deep into the shipping industry, chartering vessels and managing a liner service between the Bleak Sea and Far East to the East Med.
Servicing our clients in the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod, and last but not least - We enjoy what we do!

Haifa Israel city view from the Bahai ga

We are located in blooming downtown Haifa, an old Port city with a fresh atmosphere.
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